Life of a Research Rookie: Final Post

It is crazy to think about how fast this year has flown by. It seems like only yesterday I was in the process of picking a research topic, now URAD has come and gone and this years research rookie program has reached its conclusion. My experience at URAD was fantastic. It was highly rewarding to be able to share my research with fellow students and faculty members of NIU, as well as some of the surrounding locals. Furthermore, I am outstandingly satisfied with what I have accomplished throughout my time as a research rookie. I ultimately joined the research rookie program because I was unfamiliar with the academic research world and I thought it would a different way for me to challenge myself. I am leaving this program, not only with a greater familiarity of research (specifically accounting), but also a more developed student and individual. For that, I’d like to thank Dr. Riley, my mentor, and all the other research rookies and faculty associates. Its been a great year, thank you.

Life of a Research Rookie: March

March has been a grind. Classes have become more challenging and demanding and research rookies has required my time more than ever. By the end of this month my literature review will be written and in the editing process. The journey as a research rookie has been exceptional thus far. It is exciting to see all my hard work from throughout the year start to come together on paper. The work that I have done, and will continue to do until URAD, has changed my perception of research forever, especially in the accounting field. At the beginning of this program I didn’t realize the importance of academic research beyond academia. Through my classes, I’ve learned that academic research can greatly contribute to the practitioner’s side of accounting. I am grateful for this experience because I know that the exposure to academic research will benefit me as a practicing accountant.

Life of a Research Rookie: February

Life as a research rookies seems to be getting busier as we move closer to URAD. Personally, I’ve been busy reading and summarizing articles to use when writing my literature review. Though I haven’t started writing my review yet, I am still on track and expecting to be done with my readings by the end of this month. On a side note, something that I haven’t talked too much about yet in my blogs is my mentor, Dr. Riley. Dr. Riley has been imperative to my success within this program. Each week I find myself running into certain accounting principles or statistics that I do not understand. Dr. Riley has always been happy to sit down with me and work through the issues I encounter in my readings. In addition, Dr. Riley has done a tremendous job in helping me understand the “big picture” behind the readings. The quality of my work thus far would not be nearly as great if it were not for Dr. Riley’s assistance. Thanks Dr. Riley!



Life of a Research Rookie: Janruary

The first semester of being a research rookie has quickly come to an end. I would like to reflect on a few accomplishments from the past semester, as well as, discuss how my research will be pursued during the second semester of the program. First things first, preparing a research proposal and presenting a breif summary of it during the Research Rookie reception was very rewarding. It was my first opportunity to share my research topic and progress with others outside the Research Rookie program. Furthermore, I am very pleased with where this research is taking me. Dr. Riley and I have worked very hard, and will continue to work hard this semester to put together a sound literature review that will lead to future opportunities for research. By the time URAD comes around, I should have a complete literature review as well as and idea of where and how I will pursue research in the years to come.

Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned for future updates!

Life of a Research Rookie: November

November is a busy month for us research rookies. We’ve picked our mentors and research topics; now it is time to write our proposals. These proposals are the basis for our research that will be conducted throughout the remainder of the academic year. The proposals include a brief description and background of our research; followed by the significance of our research (how it will help others within our area of study), our research objectives, methods and anticipated results. Personally, I found the background section to be most challenging, and time consuming, section of the proposal. This wad due to the amount of pre-research research I found myself doing to learn more about the studies already conducted on goodwill impairment (my research topic), as well as familiarizing myself with the related terminology.

Anyways, back to revising my proposal! Thanks for stopping by!

Life of a Research Rookie: October

I am pleased to announce numerous exciting announcements this month! Dr. Mark Riley will be assisting me throughout the remainder of the research rookie program as my mentor. Dr. Riley has an outstanding familiarity with financial accounting and will be a tremendous help to me as I progress in my research. Furthermore, I have decided on a research topic. I will be reviewing studies on goodwill impairment. In a nutshell, goodwill impairment is the reduction in the asset goodwill due to a difference in the carrying value and the fair market value of a reporting unit.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for next months update!

Life of a Research Rookie: September

Welcome back!

September has been a busy month; classes, extracurricular activities, and research rookies have all come into full swing. I have started my mentor search for Research Rookies and have found a handful of great candidates. Some of the research topics that interest me are financial accounting, leadership & communication in accountancy and corporate accounting. I had the opportunity to meet with some of my prospective mentors and all of them seem to offer a unique set of expertise that would be beneficial to me and my research. Picking a single mentor will not be an easy task!

Stay tuned for next blog where I will be announcing my mentor!

Life of a Research Rookie: August


My name is Max Botbol. I am a transfer student studying accountancy at Northern Illinois University. My experience at NIU thus far has been outstanding; I have met many great people, both students and faculty, and have been exposed to many valuable opportunities. One of those opportunities is Research Rookies. Research Rookies is a research program that allows students to conduct professional research under a faculty mentor. In my case, I will be conducting research in accountancy. The research I will conduct over the next year will be very beneficial to my understanding of accounting principles and my progression through the accountancy program. Furthermore, this research experience will also better prepare me for a career as a CPA (That’s the goal). Another great aspect of Research Rookies is the peer-to-peer relationships formed in small groups. As a small group, I look forward to motivating each other throughout the year when we may reach dry or difficult points in our research. That is all for now, thanks for stopping by!